Our Team

Joseph Malcarne – President

Joseph is the reason Malcarne Contracting exists. Building upon many lessons from wonderfully talented people in his young life and coming into this world with a knack for leadership, Joseph has built this company from the ground up. He stays on top of every job and is always the one to patch up any problems or to manage the job in the most efficient and creative way. He is the key stone to this company!

Nevien Sidarous – Architect and Vice President of Construction

Nevien has worked as the lead architect/ designer on a multitude of projects from residential, commercial, institutional, religious…etc. She takes great pride in the relationship she develops and maintains with clients, during and beyond the completion of the projects. She has worked extensively in construction and management, where efficiency and discretion are key.

Otto Vogrincic – Building Energy Analyst

Otto is one of our go-to employees when you need to find out how to save more money on your energy bills! 



Debra Long – Weatherization Director

Debra wears many hats in our company and works with BPI, our Malcarne Training Center, Central Hudson, multifamily units and the community outreach.


Jennifer 2015

Jennifer Malcarne – Office Manager and Marketing Director

Jennifer keeps the office organized and running efficiently at Malcarne Contracting.  She also is the one behind all those billboards and TV commercials you see in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  She is a graphic designer at heart and is always looking for new ways to market Malcarne Contracting.

Danielle copy

Danielle Hibbs – Administrative Assistant

Danielle helps out in all aspects of the company from the Energy side to the Construction side. 

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