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Puzzled by construction? Choose Malcarne – we take care of our customers!

Many are tempted by the charms of a tag sale. The “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” mantra blares in our ears, along with the draw of paying a fraction of the retail price. But there’s also the other side of the coin: There’s a reason why that tempting 2,000-piece puzzle is going for 25 cents.

Unlike the yard-sale puzzle, you’ll never find yourself searching for missing pieces when you call Malcarne for any construction job, whether it’s fixing a leaky patch of roof or building a new home from scratch. Our mantra’s not only simple, but it’s also one we can deliver on every time: From start to finish, we take care of our customers – every time.

We’ve got all the pieces…

If you dump out the 2,000 pieces of a puzzle, whether you’re missing a couple or not, the task at hand can be daunting. Simply sorting out the seven shades of blue sky can make you give up and just frame the box cover instead.

And whether it’s a simple roofing job or a new construction, knowing who to call – and how to coordinate them with your family’s schedule – can make any job intimidating in and of itself. That’s where Malcarne Contracting comes in: We’re not just there to open the box and wish you luck.

We’ll be there to sort through the professionals – the trusted Hudson Valley talent we’ve built solid relationships with for more than 21 years. Collectively, all of our employees’ individual pieces add up to more than 100 years’ worth of experience in the trade – and that’s more than just a pretty picture.

We can see how they all fit together…

Not only do we have all the pieces at our fingertips – the background of professionals working in everything from remodeling to solar energy to new construction – but we know, from start to finish, what to expect.

Never built a new deck before? Unsure of how long you’ll be eating takeout while your kitchen’s being redone? How much can you really save with solar? What does HVAC even stand for?! Part of our job is to walk you through the project, making sure you know what’s coming next.

Because we value you, our customers, our number one priority is to keep you in the know, to make sure you’re comfortable with what’s happening in your home, and to give you confidence in our work. Whatever your issues or concerns, we welcome them and will help you find the solutions so you, too, can see that big picture.

We’re with you each step…

The easiest part of a puzzle may be the first – deciding what picturesque image to piece together – but if you’re not committed to it, it’s easy to give up when those seemingly identical sections just won’t fit.

At Malcarne, we’re with you for the long haul, from deciding on the best route to take with your project to stepping back in admiration. We’re your contractor: Yes, we’ve got the experience and skill to get the job done, but our passion truly lies in taking care of our customers.

And, for us as a company, that’s what really makes all the pieces fall into place.

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From blueprint to building: Plan now to bring that project into the present

Those who say Rome wasn’t built in a day – they’re not kidding. Experts say it took more than 500 years for one of the greatest cities in history to go from a plot of land to a major plotline in antiquity.

Lucky for you, your dream home-building project won’t take five centuries – just some precise planning for Malcarne Contracting, who builds on your blueprint to make your home the Pantheon of its true potential. Forget gladiators: Malcarne’s troop of experts are all available to make your dream addition, new construction project, renovation or remodel one for the books.

Want the right foundation? Start planning now!

Starting a home project may seem as impossible as refurbishing the Colosseum, but whether you’re looking for a renovation, a remodel or a brand-new room in your home, the perfect first step in the plan is to avoid procrastination. Malcarne can take your dream from brainwave to blueprint, but timing is key. Plan now to get to know the experts who will lead you through the process – and then begin to enjoy the best version of your home as soon as possible.

Assemble all the experts – with only one call.

If the idea of spending your spring haggling with contractors, researching builders, and coordinating the schedules of everyone from carpenters to carpet-layers is keeping you from turning that renovation or remodel into a reality, it’s time to rethink your tactic. Since Malcarne Contracting oversees everything from start to finish, one phone call literally rallies the legion of professionals to handle your specific home’s needs. It’s one-stop shopping at its finest – with no emperor required.

Need decades of experience in your tool belt? Find it with Malcarne Contracting.

Whether you’re renovating your first house or building your dream home, you’ve still got some points in common with that great Italian city of days gone by: Any structure with staying power needs some know-how, from conception to implementation – the right tools to get the job done. Rome had its innovators years ahead of their time, and, with Malcarne, you’re not just getting an army of experts behind you: You’re also getting their collective decades of experience. Nervous about an issue with plumbing arising, or flabbergasted by local building codes? At Malcarne, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve successfully sailed through it.

No, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but, this summer can be the perfect season to usher in a new era – and to make your own mark on your home’s history.

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Should you sell or renovate your home?

Do you remember the first moment you stepped into your home? Perhaps it was love at first sight – a chef’s kitchen that called to you, or that en suite bath of your dreams come to life. Or maybe your relationship developed slowly, with memories growing like your kids’ height chart on a closet door.

What you know now is that you’re considering a break-up.

To sell or to renovate: It’s not an easy choice to make, for sure. But there’s a reason why you initially fell in love with your home, and while selling may seem like an easy option, renovation may actually be the more cost-effective and less stressful choice, ultimately rekindling that romance with your abode.

The thought of a brand-new home that meets your laundry list of “must-haves” is tempting, but before calling that real-estate agent, it may be time to reflect on if that grass is really greener in another neighborhood. First, is your current home market-ready? Most homes require cosmetic tweaking, such as paint or flooring, at the least; there’s the need to pack away many personal items; and – perhaps the most challenging of all – homeowners must keep the house spotless for months at a time (try explaining that to your toddler – or teen, for that matter).

Plus, your next home may bring about complications, too: It may not be in your preferred community, or come with a longer commute. You may need to sink cash into the new home too, if repairs are needed or, worse yet, carry two mortgages if your home takes time to sell – and then cut a four-to-five percent check to each real-estate agent for commissions.

Our advice? Call us first! With Malcarne Contracting looking at the potential your current home has to offer, you could just decide to give it another chance. You may know the answer to your housing needs (a finished basement for the kids’ mountain of stuff) or be open to ideas (your property has some room to build and reconfigure your space). Either way, once you’ve contacted us, there’s no need to make a second call. From start to finish, our experts have the tools to make your home even better than what the market has to offer, from brainstorming to the final coat of paint, and without ever having to pack a box.

In any case, if you’re considering a renovation, remodel or addition, we see a common thread with nearly all of our customers: “We wish we would have done this sooner!” Whether you’re planning a project that will keep you in your home for a lifetime or with the thought of a future “For Sale” sign on your lawn, now is the best time to get the most out of it. Don’t wait to make your current address work effectively for your family. At Malcarne, we know homes, and we can point you in the right direction to a layout, addition or renovation that’s perfect.

You and your home? We want to help you work things out – for the long haul.

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