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From Dream Home to Reality Building

Have you ever woken from a dream that makes you wish you’d sleep forever? Dreams like that make you wish life had a roadmap – a set of directions to get you to that perfect end.

Life, unfortunately, isn’t quite that simple. There’s no GPS to connect to, although we’re certainly hard-wired to go on dreaming, whether it’s for a future career, family, or even something a little more concrete, like your home.

While we certainly can’t claim to convert all your dreams into reality, when it comes to our wheelhouse – creating the best home for your needs – Malcarne Contracting can not only translate your visions, but make the process itself just as sweet.

How? By assembling a relationship with our customers that goes beyond a simple build.

Interpreting What Matters

Dreams may be complicated, but, more often than not, they’re a reflection of what motivates us. And that’s our first question to you: What’s your motivation? What’s the goal that drives you?

Maybe you’d love to have more room for your family and friends to gather, but the blueprint of your home doesn’t match the one in your head. Or, whether it’s for principle or financial sake, you’re longing to break free from fossil fuels and live off the sun and the grid.

But getting from A to Z is the problem – how do you turn your passion for family togetherness or going green into that tangible reality? We at Malcarne want to hear that dream – for more space where it simply isn’t, for a healthier heating option when your home is reliant on gas and oil, for a more comfortable space where you currently spend summers sweating and winters in blankets.

Give us a call, and let us work out the details. You may see the why, but we see the how – and if it’s meaningful to you, it’s our passion, too.

More Value – With More Than a Builder

We’ve heard the nightmare stories: the families who’ve communicated their dreams to a contractor and found themselves trying to wake up from a nightmare. Maybe they’re talked into buying services they don’t need, or abandoned in the midst of a project.

With Malcarne, you’re not getting a builder, you’re getting a relationship. Our whole company is founded, not simply on what we can fabricate, but on how we can take care of our customer. Think your windows are the source of your draft issues? Before you shell out thousands for new ones, it may be a simple matter of sealing them up. We don’t try to boost your bill by taking advantage of your dream. We go beyond making sure all your questions and concerns are quelled: We’re dedicated to people.

As the buds begin to break through the ground, spring is a great time to plan for that building project that’s been growing in your mind’s eye through the winter (or, perhaps, many winters), but it’s also a time to reflect at what really motivates us in life.

What are the changes that are the stuff of your dreams – the things you’d like to see become reality? What within you inspires you? What’s your passion? If it has to do with your home, we’re your people. We’ll help you to make that dream, that desire, into reality.

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Lights – Hold the Camera – Action!

“Are you ready?”

The couple nods furiously while nervously squeezing each other’s hands. They stare in expectation at the designer in whom they’ve trusted to transform their house from drab and impractical to the fabulous home of their dreams. They face the direction of their once too-small, poorly laid out residence, hoping that the dramatic reveal will showcase the abode they’ve dreamt of for so long.

The host finally says the words they’ve been anticipating for months: “OK, then – open your eyes!”

There’s something so satisfying about seeing a project – especially any home-related project – go from start to finish, all neatly wrapped in an hour-long cycle. Yet, if there’s anything we’ve learned from a few decades of reality TV, it’s that reality plays a very small role in many of those shows. Still, home-renovation programs do contain at least one nugget of truth: In the right hands, the right changes create a wow factor that is 100 percent authentic.

With Malcarne Contracting, you actually can take your home from “need to move now” to “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner” with very little stress – and absolutely no commercial interruptions.

Same community, new quarters

Let’s face it: Moving is no fun. Just the thought of a sea of boxes staring at you, waiting to be filled and stored, is enough to make most people perish the thought. And moving isn’t all about the structure: Your friendly neighbors, great school district, proximity to frequented shops – these are all things you can’t pack in a POD and move with you.

Before you speed-dial a realtor, now is the perfect time to give Malcarne a call. Love the open floor plans that make so much sense, with room to entertain and clear sight-lines to keep an eye on your little ones? Desperate for an addition to accommodate your growing family? Ready for an update to your tight kitchen or ancient bathroom? Instead of calling it quits with a home that just isn’t working, now is the perfect time for Malcarne to create that one-of-a-kind transformation, making your house the one that makes sense for years to come.

Old problems, new solutions

It’s likely you and your current home have a history, if you’ve lived there for any length of time. The latest model may seem like the answer, but, with the expense of starting over on a mortgage, paying closing costs, and the fact that a different house also comes with its own imperfections, a new home may simply just mean a fresh set of problems – ones you just don’t see yet.

In this type of relationship, it’s actually helpful to keep a record of faults that have been driving you crazy for years: that damp, unused basement, the lack of a second bathroom, the drafty third floor, or boxy, closed-up floor plan. Then bring us your list: After our job is done, our most-heard response is “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

We may not have a full-fledged camera crew on staff, but we do have all the professionals to completely transform your home to television makeover-show standards. It’s a piece of TV magic that can actually be reality – no cable contract necessary.

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