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Make your house comfy and cozy with ductless heating units

It usually hits you when you least expect it: You’re strolling through the mall, vaguely aware of the red and green decorations, when another verse of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” echoes through the halls. That’s right – the countdown to Christmas has begun, and not enough shopping days have arrived with it.

At Malcarne Contracting, we want to keep your house holiday cheerful in every season, especially when those pretty December flurries become a Nor’easter blizzard. Before hunting for the “perfect something” leaves you stressed this year, it may be time to focus on a gift that can warm your heart and keep your budget happy: ductless heating and cooling units.

Go duct-free

If some rooms in your home leave you either sweltering or shivering, or you’re dreading those winter energy bill blues, it just may be time to rethink your heating system. The perfect solution? A ductless split unit.

Whether you currently have central air pumping through your home or settle for boilers during the winter and window units during the summer, you probably have several issues with your heating and cooling systems. Most are bulky, for one, with seemingly miles of ductwork or heavy, loud units – and they still don’t do the best job at keeping the house as a whole comfortable.

And then there’s the cost: Cranking up the heat during frigid winter nights to keep each bedroom warm can add up quick. Still, to gain energy efficiency, changing the whole house’s system just doesn’t seem practical – right? Not when you go ductless: The whole system takes mere days to set up, and starts saving you energy and money the moment it’s switched on.

Less equipment, better product

Like the name suggests, this system doesn’t rely on ductwork that runs throughout the house. That means, if you’re looking to refurbish an existing home, they’re a cinch to install: Without the need for ductwork, the job goes from major reconstruction to minor renovation.

Ductless systems feature small, permanent wall fixtures installed in key rooms that quietly keep your home warm during cold months – and cool during the summer (no need to lug those window units up from the basement next year!). The compressor – the noisier section of the unit – is installed outside your home, which means duct-free units are incredibly quiet. In addition to never having to yell about the constant hum of a compressor, they ensure more even heating and cooling throughout the house.

Best of all, they are extremely energy-efficient: Studies show they’re twice as efficient as traditional heat pumps and air conditioners, which means you can get a jump on next year’s Christmas shopping a little early.

Saving with our growing family of experts

Whether it’s Santa coming down your chimney or someone working on your heating system, you need to feel confident about who’s in your home. At Malcarne, we’re constantly upgrading our knowledge and experience so you get the best work possible.

In fact, about a year and a half ago, Malcarne joined forces with Comfort Tech Heating and Cooling, another leader in the home-care community, making us the Hudson Valley’s premiere ductless and split unit installer. We’ll check our lists twice, making sure you get the best system for your home’s needs.

This year, regardless of what’s wrapped under your tree, your house can be the gift that keeps giving – 365 days a year.

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An Investment with Instant Dividends

While September has been relatively kind to us this year, with more days featuring open windows and balmy breezes than the need to curl up in a warm blanket, October is usually our warning call: Winter’s coming – and Malcarne Contracting’s ready to help you be prepared for future frosty weather.

Now is the time to check on your heating equipment, before waking up to ice on your lawn. It’s critical to maintain your heating system – to have it serviced regularly and change filters – to keep it running at its best. Wondering if your equipment needs a tune up? One call to Malcarne can have you ready to fight back when those glacial temperatures finally arrive.

Investing in something new

But what if a tune up’s not going to cut it this year?

This fall, you may find yourself in the place where your heating system is ready to call it quits, whether it’s at the end of its life or simply is costing you more to run than to replace. In this case, your old system may be doing you a favor: Malcarne Contracting can connect your home with equipment that costs you less to operate.

Bottom line? Your investment in a new heating system can actually pay for itself with the money you save in monthly heating costs. It’s a purchase that literally puts cash back in your pocket.

A financial opportunity – and more

It’s also a prospect that can affect more than just your home. Choosing to switch from a fossil-fuel-burning heating system to a cleaner earth-friendly system is also an investment in the health of our planet.

Yes, bottom line, stepping away from fossil fuels will save you money, but there’s also a bigger profit margin on this one. By choosing another heating option, we also get to be shareholders in the future of our planet. We’ve only got one – let’s not experiment with it too much.

It’s truly a win-win-win: We’re taking care of our resources, our futures and our wallets, all with one phone call to Malcarne.

Seasonal surplus specials

When you’re talking about a yield this good, there’s no time like the present to dive in. In fact, Malcarne’s offering seasonal specials for our customers to get you comfortable and prepared for what’s right around the corner. Curious about what it would mean for you to step away from fossil fuels? We’d love to walk you through the process to making your house cleaner and more energy efficient – and working harder to stack up the savings.

Before fall’s cold fingers wrap around your home – and have you reaching for blankets number two and three – give us a call.

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A new addition to the Malcarne Contracting family

This summer’s a great time to kick back, relax, and even to soak in the glory of past and present athletes as the latest summer Olympics gets underway in just a few weeks. But, like those world-class Olympians, Malcarne Contracting’s not one to rest on our laurels.

At Malcarne, our goal is simple: increase our prowess, so we can continue to serve you better. This month, we’re proud to announce our recent partnership with Comfort Tech Heating and Cooling – another leader in the home-care community.

For nearly 10 years, Comfort Tech’s repertoire has included providing Greene, Ulster and Dutchess Counties with heating and cooling services, in both the commercial and residential realms. With its expertise – the company services all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment – the business is a natural fit to join forces with Malcarne’s team of specialists.

As you’re watching the athletes in Brazil sweating it out this summer, it’s also the perfect opportunity to update your home’s cooling system – now backed by the knowledge and experience of both Malcarne Contracting and Comfort Tech. If you’ve been suffering through warm seasons with the uneven cooling and noise of window air-conditioning units – or your electric bill makes turning on your current A/C system worse than overheating when indoors – it’s easy to upgrade to a system that will keep your family and your wallet cool.

In fact, one of Comfort Tech’s specialties includes ductless air conditioning, a quiet, energy-efficient system that, as its name suggests, doesn’t require ductwork to keep a home cool and cozy. Instead, small, permanent wall fixtures (Say goodbye to lugging window units into or out of the house each season!) can make a whole house comfortable. Plus, they save energy, keeping your most-used rooms comfortable. Need more proof that ductless gets the gold? This easy-to-install system provides heat, too, in the winter months!

Like your current air conditioning system? We can help you love it, for the long-term. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep it – and your budget – happy. Similar to other appliances in your home, if your air conditioning system and furnace aren’t properly cared for, you run the risk of them not working properly, or giving up before the season’s out.

At Malcarne, our goal is to go for the gold, every time, with every home and customer. Lucky for us, we’re part of a team that now includes Comfort Tech, too. And that means, whether it’s a new roof, an addition, energy-smart improvements, or a much-needed heating and cooling system upgrade, your home gets the win, every time.

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Using Renewable Energy To Offset Your Heating Bills

Whether your gifts are all wrapped and neatly stacked under the tree or you’ll be running on some late-night shopping sprees, holiday merriment hangs heavy in the air – although wallets are usually somewhat lighter. Hold on to the seasonal cheer – and some hard-earned dollars – all year long by taking advantage of renewable energy sources: It’s an investment that can put cash in your pocket for many years to come.

It’s not the most jolly thought, but traditional energy sources – gas and oil, for example – can be not only costly, but will eventually be depleted. Renewable energy sources, including the wind, the ground (used in geothermal heating), and especially the sun, work harder than Santa’s little helpers, never dwindle and, best of all, can cut down those not-so-merry utility bills.

Before even considering a renewable-energy home makeover, Malcarne Contracting experts recommend making sure your home is well-sealed and -insulated, specifically checking the walls, attic and basement for places where warm air can escape outside. After that, have a professional check your heating and distribution systems to get them working to their full potential.

This step, likely an inexpensive fix, can already begin reduce your energy bills without much time, effort or cost, and paves the way for a renewable energy system. Malcarne specializes in installing systems that use the sun to offset traditional heating sources: Solar electric systems, for example, convert the sun’s energy into electricity via roof panels, while a solar thermal system utilizes “solar walls,” panels installed on the side of a home, to use the sun to heat water. Once they’re in place, your home can use as much of the sun’s light and energy as it needs – but it’s both eco- and wallet-friendly.
Although renewable energy significantly cuts down on energy bills, there is an upfront cost: It’s an investment, but a wise one for your home and family’s future. For example, a solar electric system may initially cost between $12,000 and $15,000. However, with that price tag come tax credits and incentives, which can reduce the net out-of-pocket expense to between $1,500 and $3,000 after the rebates – less than a minor home upgrade.

Three forms of funding are available for these renewable-energy changes, including a 25 percent state tax credit (capped at $5,000), a 30 percent federal tax credit (with no cap) – both of which can be used until 2016 – as well as incentives available from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

In addition, those at Malcarne say you’re likely to see a payback from a solar electric system in less than a decade, while a solar thermal system takes only about three to five years. And, you may want to put a renewable energy system on your wish list sooner rather than later: These numbers are based on today’s energy prices, which are likely to become more expensive with time. Chances are, because of those rising prices, you won’t have to wait as long to see your investment pay off.

Sure, it may be tempting to sink that Christmas bonus into those holiday presents, but an investment in renewable energy will always put cash back in your pocket, regardless of the market or economy. It’s the gift that truly keeps on giving – even if it doesn’t fit under the tree.

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