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Make your house comfy and cozy with ductless heating units

It usually hits you when you least expect it: You’re strolling through the mall, vaguely aware of the red and green decorations, when another verse of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” echoes through the halls. That’s right – the countdown to Christmas has begun, and not enough shopping days have arrived with it.

At Malcarne Contracting, we want to keep your house holiday cheerful in every season, especially when those pretty December flurries become a Nor’easter blizzard. Before hunting for the “perfect something” leaves you stressed this year, it may be time to focus on a gift that can warm your heart and keep your budget happy: ductless heating and cooling units.

Go duct-free

If some rooms in your home leave you either sweltering or shivering, or you’re dreading those winter energy bill blues, it just may be time to rethink your heating system. The perfect solution? A ductless split unit.

Whether you currently have central air pumping through your home or settle for boilers during the winter and window units during the summer, you probably have several issues with your heating and cooling systems. Most are bulky, for one, with seemingly miles of ductwork or heavy, loud units – and they still don’t do the best job at keeping the house as a whole comfortable.

And then there’s the cost: Cranking up the heat during frigid winter nights to keep each bedroom warm can add up quick. Still, to gain energy efficiency, changing the whole house’s system just doesn’t seem practical – right? Not when you go ductless: The whole system takes mere days to set up, and starts saving you energy and money the moment it’s switched on.

Less equipment, better product

Like the name suggests, this system doesn’t rely on ductwork that runs throughout the house. That means, if you’re looking to refurbish an existing home, they’re a cinch to install: Without the need for ductwork, the job goes from major reconstruction to minor renovation.

Ductless systems feature small, permanent wall fixtures installed in key rooms that quietly keep your home warm during cold months – and cool during the summer (no need to lug those window units up from the basement next year!). The compressor – the noisier section of the unit – is installed outside your home, which means duct-free units are incredibly quiet. In addition to never having to yell about the constant hum of a compressor, they ensure more even heating and cooling throughout the house.

Best of all, they are extremely energy-efficient: Studies show they’re twice as efficient as traditional heat pumps and air conditioners, which means you can get a jump on next year’s Christmas shopping a little early.

Saving with our growing family of experts

Whether it’s Santa coming down your chimney or someone working on your heating system, you need to feel confident about who’s in your home. At Malcarne, we’re constantly upgrading our knowledge and experience so you get the best work possible.

In fact, about a year and a half ago, Malcarne joined forces with Comfort Tech Heating and Cooling, another leader in the home-care community, making us the Hudson Valley’s premiere ductless and split unit installer. We’ll check our lists twice, making sure you get the best system for your home’s needs.

This year, regardless of what’s wrapped under your tree, your house can be the gift that keeps giving – 365 days a year.

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Air Ducts: What’s in the air you’re breathing?

This September and October has been kind to us, with its brisk, sunny mornings, warm, summer-like afternoons, and cool, clear nights. But if you’re like many New Yorkers, your allergy symptoms have not been so kind – and it may not be the weather outside that’s making them so frightful.

As fall firmly takes hold of the state, now is the perfect time to do a little “autumn cleaning” in a space of your home you may never actually have seen: your air ducts.

It’s not quite time to pull out that snowsuit yet, but the chill in the October air is a great reminder that winter is indeed just around the corner – and that means making sure your heating equipment is ready for plunging temperatures. The experts at Malcarne Contracting suggest twice-yearly inspections: one on your cooling system in the spring, and, in the fall, for your heating gear. When that first frigid night arrives, the last thing you want is to flick the switch to “heat” – and not have any warm, fuzzy feelings afterwards.

Have oil-fired equipment? Each year, it’s critical to give it a check-up, and have the nozzle and filter changed to keep it running safely and effectively. Other heating systems also should be serviced and cleaned – especially including any filters, which should also be changed every three to six months for them to truly do their job well.

And those HVAC filters are just a starting point: They connect to a maze of ducts throughout your home – through which flows all the air you breathe when your windows are shut tight against those chilly winter squalls. Your house may be holiday-party ready, but chances are your ductwork would scare you more than any neighborhood Halloween decorations: Caked-on dirt and dust, and mice and their droppings, are typical air-duct discoveries – especially in homes 20 years old or older.

Along with changing your filters, having your ducts cleaned regularly by a professional can ensure that your air is clean and safe all year long. Particularly for those with asthma or allergy issues, simply breathing in air that flowed from clean ducts, through new filters, can make a huge difference in their symptoms. Malcarne Contracting is proud to offer this peace-of-mind service to keep customers healthy and safe.

Outside, the season is changing, but, for your home, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Even though many homeowners may never peek inside their ductwork, keeping it professionally cleaned can be critical to the health and safety of the home. We’ve all said “so long” to summer: Is your heating system ready to welcome fall?

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