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Hudson Valley Energy Efficiency Through Solar

Jan 7, 2010 | Energy-Smart

Way back in 1839, a french physicist by the name of Antoine Cesar Becquerel discovered that voltage developed when light fell upon an electrode – otherwise known as the “photovoltaic effect”. This single observation changed the face of energy forever. From this, came the development of the solar cell which, in turn, led to the development of the solar panel.

When you think about the idea of solar panels, thoughts of  sheer grandiosity in cost and everyday impracticality may come to mind.  Perhaps you are saying, “Eh, solar panels are for rich people,” or asking, “Why spend all that money to save a few pennies?” Well, those two things are simply, and very definitely FALSE!

First of all, solar panels are not only for rich people, they are for anybody interested in being more energy efficient in their homes.  This goes hand in hand with the erroneous assumption that the money saved will barely outweigh the money spent to get them. You would be positively ASTONISHED to see how much money solar panels can save on your energy bills! For example, just a few hot water solar panels can save you 20% on fuel consumption! AND, if you combined those little hot water solar panels with a solar panel wall on the side of your house, you could save ANOTHER 20%! And that’s not all – install some solar electric panels and save 100% on your electric bill! YES – 100%!!! Thank you Mr. Becquerel.

Aside from saving you money, using solar panels will give you some brownie points in the “living green” category. By reducing your fuel consumption, the carbon footprint you will inevitably leave behinds gets a little less massive. Thanks to the findings our friendly french physicist of old, the photovoltaic effect allows builders like Malcarne Contracting to wave their magic wands (or hammers and nails) to turn the sun’s energy into electricity through the installation of solar panels. Voila! Instant savings on the green in your wallet, and the green in your front yard.

As far as the cost of solar panels, the net out of pocket investment will be between $10,000 and $20,000. (Of course, individual pricing varies.) But do the math. You can save yourself up to 40% on fuel consumption and 100% on electricity through the use of solar panels. That’s a lot of green. Brownie points!

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