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Happy National Weatherization Day

Jan 14, 2011 | Energy-Smart

Did you know there was such a day as National Weatherization day?  Well, there is! The last weekend in October marked its celebration in which the nation highlighted the energy saving work going on around the country.  Thanks to the Recovery Act passed in 2009, low-income communities around America are being positively impacted by an increase in energy efficiency. Not only are the people living in these communities saving money from energy conservation projects on their homes, but pollution is also being minimized.

Malcarne Contracting wasn’t about to let National Weatherization Day go by without having a big part in it! On October 29th, the New York Housing Authority announced that construction had begun on the 245 apartments in the Beacon Housing Authority – a project funded with close to 2 million from the Weatherization Assistance Program Recover Act.  Joseph Malcarne, of Malcarne Contracting, is working on the project as the Beacon Housing Authority (BHA) Technical Consultant and says that the BHA will be saving close to $200,000 per year in energy operating costs when the project is completed.

Some major aspects of the project include the installation of two solar thermal hot water systems, new insulation and air sealing and Energy Star lighting. These things, combined with the snazzy new solar powered hot water, along with new energy efficient refrigerators will bring the energy savings down to 35-40%! That’s some major savings, especially for low-income families!

Making New York’s communities greener isn’t the only great thing resulting from these types of projects. Matthew Rudikoff, a BHA consultant working on the project alongside Joseph Malcarne, pointed out how this project also creates jobs and construction in a struggling economy. He also mentioned how these energy-saving projects improve the lives of low-income tenants living in such complexes by saving them money on their energy bills.

Congratulations to Malcarne Contracting for being such a huge part in making New York a greener place to live! Not only are they doing it for the low-income families in the Beacon area, but they are also doing it for multiple clients in the Hudson Valley area. If you would like more information on how to make your home more energy efficient, call Malcarne Contracting at 1-800-798-5844 or email them here.