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What Is A Certified Energy Manager

Aug 23, 2012 | Energy-Smart

When you’re a homeowner, going energy efficient takes more than just finding a talented builder – and when you’re trying to help your business’ bottom line through energy efficiency, the story’s no different. At Malcarne Contracting, the team’s expertise extend far beyond the residential, including commercial and industrial buildings as well. It also boasts owner Joseph Malcarne’s Certified Energy Manager credential – recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and other institutions around the world as a top qualification for energy-efficient construction – one that can mean the most bang for your buck in your workplace.

Although only three decades old, the CEM certification, issued by the Association of Energy Engineers, gives professionals cutting-edge experience in the energy-management field. CEMs make up a select group – only about 10,000 people worldwide hold the title – with extensive expertise in areas including air quality, energy audits and even financing. As a Certified Energy Manager, Joseph brings not only his passion and experience as a builder, but also the knowhow to make structures energy efficient – reducing energy consumption and saving you money.

While there are many qualified builders, a majority don’t have a background in energy efficiency. Still others have a foundation in the theories behind energy efficiency, but have little hands-on field knowledge. That’s where Malcarne comes in: With Joseph’s unique background as a CEM, plus his years in construction working within buildings’ inner-workings, the Malcarne team brings a totally distinctive skillset to the table.

Knowing how buildings work means Malcarne has the expertise to construct an energy-efficient structure in the practical world – and that their recommendations will be sensible and economically sound. For example, in theory, an energy-efficient boiler may save your company cash, but if it isn’t installed correctly by a licensed professional, it’s simply a colossal waste of time, money and energy. Malcarne tailors estimates based on your business’ wants, needs and bottom line, giving you an idea on the value of the energy-efficient changes you may be considering. While some savings are educated guesses, such as exactly how much an energy-efficient boiler will save you, some are hard-and-fast, including how much energy you can save by turning off a light. As a CEM, Joseph is educated in both areas.

In fact, a lot of the CEM exam’s questions – part of the training requirement – deal with practical issues: something Joseph’s spent the last 16 years doing professionally. Mandatory questions include energy audits and economics: crucial information for businesses looking for an accurate report from a contractor to fit within their budget. Malcarne not only gives the present cost and value for an energy-efficient install, but can also project future savings for your company – something you should see in about two to three years.

Whether you’re looking to energy efficiency because of dollar value or it just makes sense environmentally, Malcarne’s got the chops to evaluate, install, and maintain the right changes, not only to your home, but to your business as well. It’s one-stop shopping – good for both your watch and your wallet.