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Why Malcerne Does What We Do

Feb 12, 2013 | Blog

Take four walls, add a roof and a door, and you’ve got a house. But nearly anyone would agree: It’s who lives inside those walls that make a home. For the better part of two decades, Malcarne Contracting has approached every renovation, every construction and every design with that simple thought. The people we serve, first and foremost, motivate us to do our best every day. We take our passion, skill and care to each new assignment to create structures we’re not only proud to have worked on, but also, more importantly, to care for our customers every step of the way.

Let’s face it, the choices are almost endless when it comes to choosing a contractor, and while Malcarne is one of the largest construction companies in the Hudson Valley, we’re not alone in the field. Others offer similar services – everything from home and business renovations and remodeling, to additions and energy-efficient makeovers. But it’s at the heart of Malcarne – why we do what we do – that really distinguishes us in this field of contracting.

First of all, it’s a matter of passion: You’ll find that our employees not only love their work, but they care about each job, from replacing an outdated, under-functioning boiler to creating a large-scale new construction. That passion extends beyond the building to our customers: Our goal is to make you love our work just as much as we love doing it, and we’ll work with you each step of the way to ensure that. How your home functions – including having enough living space, a tightly-sealed basement and an energy-efficient heating and cooling system, for example – affects how you live and feel. We care about the structure, but it’s what’s inside – you and your family – who really matter to us.

Still, it’s not always easy to trust one of your most valuable assets – your home – to just anyone. Malcarne employees are each unique, but they always bring the same thing to their work: natural talent, another reason why we do what we do. Besides his passion for his work, owner Joseph knew a young age that his skill sets lay in creating healthy, sound buildings, thanks to a lineage of family members who were also talented craftsmen. The talents and abilities of each of our team members are another reason that keeps us going to work each day. With a long line of certifications, Malcarne has the knowhow to create beautiful, comfortable settings that make sense – and save dollars – for families and businesses. While it’s our desire to give you a good-looking building, we also strive to make it safe and functional for years to come.

As a premier energy-smart builder, our passion and skills also go global: Part of our goal is to create energy efficiency and to care for the environment. Being energy-efficient makes both short- and long-term sense for your wallet, and we specialize in renovations such as solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and proper insulation. Still, it’s our sense of community drives us: Especially since our customers are our neighbors here in the Hudson Valley, we want to keep our grasses green, skies blue and water pure for the next generation of our family – and for yours.

You know your home is much more than just an address: It’s a reflection of your taste, a place to spend time with loved ones, even an extension of yourself. We couldn’t agree more. Our passion for our work, natural abilities and aspiration to care for the world around us come from our desire to give you our best work possible – and that’s a promise that extends from our front door to yours.