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Good Spring Projects

Apr 3, 2013 | Energy-Smart

It’s a glorious time of year: Spring means fresh air through open windows, birds singing, plenty of sunshine – and the perfect season to make your home more beautiful and functional than ever. Proper planning – starting before you pack away your parkas for the season – is key to a good spring home transformation, from sprucing up outdoor spaces to full-fledged additions.

When many homeowners think of projects they’d like to tackle as the temperatures rise, many think of their porches and decks: things normally used during the spring and summer. Perhaps yours needs a facelift – a new coat of paint or a fix for wobbly stairs, for example. Malcarne Contracting can give your space that much-needed TLC, or even trade out your existing space’s old materials for a more efficient, durable composite-material.

Spring’s also a great time to consider new construction: A long winter indoors may have you rethinking your home’s square footage or layout. While moving and purchasing a new home may not be doable for your family, adding on that screened-in outdoor deck, master bedroom suite or eat-in kitchen you’ve always dreamed of can help you fall in love with your home all over again, and give your crew more usable space.

The experts at Malcarne Contracting can help make your dream home a reality, but planning for it is important – especially if you’re hoping to finish your project before September. Most additions and work on outdoor spaces that Malcarne heads up usually happen in June, July and August, during the warm summer weather. Still, waiting until June to begin the process may mean your project’s close won’t be until Christmas. Instead, planning for these projects needs to begin in the spring, around March and April.

Typically, especially for a larger project such as a new kitchen or bedroom addition, getting blueprints drawn up, gathering the necessary building approvals and permits, and preparing for the job can take up to three months. After that, the time spent on smaller renovations can last three or so weeks, while a full-fledged addition may take four months to complete. Planning before spring even officially hits is crucial.

With a good strategy in place, the experts at Malcarne can take you from conception through construction – getting you closer to that much-needed family space. Plus, well-done, functional renovations add value to your home long-term, while allowing you to enjoy the potential of what your structure has to offer today. In an economy where selling a home may be a difficult or even impossible task, renovations and additions help to give you your ideal home – without changing your address. And with warmer weather, summer barbecues and family gatherings right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to start living your dream.