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How To Get Your House Ready For Summer

May 11, 2013 | Energy-Smart

It seemed to arrive a little late this year – no thanks to an overly optimistic groundhog – but spring has finally sprung. That means summer and its hazy days are just around the corner. But before you plan that first barbecue, consider getting your home hot-weather ready. Whether it’s a major upgrade or minor repair, Malcarne’s home experts can help your house get energy-efficient before that first heat wave strikes.

You may still be in the process of switching out those sweaters and snow boots for shorts and T-shirts, but there’s no better time than now to check on your air conditioning system. All systems are not created equal, and Malcarne can install the best system for your home or optimize your current one, getting you ready for soaring temperatures. Are you spending too much to cool your house? Malcarne’s specialty is energy efficiency, and we can make sure your system is running at its full capacity – which saves you money while keeping you comfortable.

If your home has never had air conditioning, or you’re settling for window units instead of central air, Malcarne can walk you through the process of updating your home. Not only can central air keep you comfortable through years of sticky summers, but it increases your home’s resale value: In this area, homebuyers look for properties with central air and heat, so you’ll almost always receive a return on your investment. Unsure of what system works best for your home? We can help: From ductless systems that are room-specific to more traditional central air systems, your home can be both cool and energy-efficient.

The spring and early summer are also great times to catch up on any home repairs you may have noticed over the winter, while they’re still fresh in your mind. How did your home do this past winter? Is it water-tight? How did your roof hold up to snow? Are there places where your windows are leaking air? Take a quick inventory of your paint and siding: Are there areas needing repair? Now is the time to change furnace filters and check water hoses for any freezing, too. Taking care of any minor repairs each season can mean avoiding major issues later on. Thankfully, from attic to basement, inside and out, Malcarne can check each task off your to-do list.

If you’re not sure what to do first, contact our team for and we’ll tell you how to qualify for a free energy audit on your home through the Green Jobs Green New York Program. We’ll check each room to determine what areas are energy-efficient – or not up to par – and make recommendations on how to make your home run at its best. If you’re concerned about cost, we’re also experts at knowing the ins and outs of what financing is available to each homeowner to help pay for any upgrades. Incentives are offered from the state and local utility companies, encouraging homeowners to switch to high-efficiency air conditioning – along with other energy-efficient improvements. A more comfortable and energy-efficient home, all for less out-of-pocket expense? It’s a win-win situation.

Whether it’s a new coat of paint, central air or an entire energy-efficient home makeover, right now is the best time to invest in your home. At Malcarne, we care about homes – and about the people who own them – and our goal is to give you the same service we’d give our own families. The only thing we might change? Next year, perhaps we’ll put our trust in a different groundhog.