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The Benefits Of Hiring A Contractor

Aug 1, 2013 | Builder

If you’ve ever taken a car in for a routine oil change and come out with a bill for a thousand dollars, you can understand the frustration of not really knowing whether your mechanic is fixing a legitimate problem, or getting himself an early Christmas bonus. The headaches are even bigger when it comes to your house: Unless you’re experienced in electric, plumbing and a menagerie of other trades, a complicated job such as a home addition can be downright scary.

Enter the contractor: With years of training and a network of resources, a contractor – like the experienced professionals at Malcarne Contracting – can make sense financially as well as save you time and trouble.

Although some homeowners decide against contractors for their “extra cost,” in reality, a contractor can save you money. Unlike a single tradesperson, who may have to raise a quote when something unexpected surfaces, contractors typically stick to a fixed-price offer – and will likely get better pricing with the tradespeople they hire because of the repeat business they give. Typically, at the end of a job, a homeowner is likely to pay 10 to 20 percent more without a contractor.

And, when it comes to a project that means orchestrating a team of people, such as a home addition, the advantages go even deeper than just your bank account: First of all, it’s in a contractors’ best interest to get homeowners the best possible outcome on the job – that’s their number-one priority. Unlike a layperson, as a professional experienced in all stages of construction, the contractor can tell if, for example, a repair actually needs to take place, ensuring that the homeowner isn’t taken advantage of. Part of their job description is to find reliable, well-trained professionals who do quality work, on schedule, and in the correct order.

If something goes wrong and you’re working with one tradesperson, it probably won’t be difficult to assign responsibility for the problem. However, when your front door seems like it’s revolving from the amount of workers going in and out during a job such as an addition, if you aren’t well-versed in excavating, masonry, framing, insulation, carpentry, flooring and a host of other things, it may not be so easy. With his or her expertise, a general contractor’s job is to make any problems right – saving you aggravation as well as dollars.

At Malcarne Contracting, the convenience continues with one-stop shopping. You can work with one of our architects to get your vision on paper, continue the job with an experienced contractor, and use tradespeople that we’ve had many excellent experiences with. Since all contractors are not created equal, getting to know their previous experience, references and commitment to their work is key, and it’s crucial to interview them before you commit – something we do with each of our clients.

Like any good relationship, a contractor who you can trust and connect with, and who understands your vision, can mean happiness in the long run. It’s almost a guarantee that challenges will arise on the job, but Malcarne’s there around the clock to help work things out. After all, if you can’t approach your contractor with questions and concerns, chances are you won’t be happy with the final product.

Thankfully, once you have a rapport set up with your contractor, you’ve got an ally for any housing-project need. And, the professionals at Malcarne Contracting have the resources, knowledge of insurances and laws, and decades of experience to ensure that the job is done right – every time.