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Hard To Solve House Issues

Sep 2, 2013 | Builder

Signing a mortgage is a lot like signing a marriage license: You’re committing yourself to love, honor and invest in a long-term relationship with your home, through the good times and the break downs. No matter how well your house was built, somewhere along the line, it will need a paint job, new roof or other renovation – but what about those truly difficult house issues?

From attic to basement, the experts at Malcarne Contracting have seen a fair share of tough home repairs, but those most challenging house issues are the reoccurring problems that keep on surfacing – even when homeowners call in professionals to have them taken care of. Unsolvable temperature issues, for example, mean rooms that are difficult to keep comfortable – spaces that run too hot or too cold, regardless of the season or whether you’re using heat or air conditioning. Water problems run the gamut, from roof leaks – even when there’s no snow or rain outdoors – to mold you can’t get rid of. Electrical issues lurking behind the walls may be the most frustrating: Think outlets that don’t work correctly, work inconsistently or stop working altogether, or that switch you keep flicking, hoping to figure out what it does.

Unfortunately, these types of issues often mean that what you see is only the tip of the iceberg. A problem with mold on the drywall in your basement, for example, may be easily solved by cutting out the affected piece, however, if it keeps returning, that solution is only skin-deep. Or, an always-wet attic may mean there’s moisture build up from condensation – and water damage despite the weather.

So what’s a committed homeowner to do? Oftentimes, many just ignore and live with these problematic situations, such as a three-way light switch that only works on one end or a basement that’s always a little smelly or moldy. Or, they’ve decided to give up and divorce themselves from the problem altogether, after they’ve spent time and money trying to repair it – especially when a licensed electrician, roofer or other professional has already attempted to fix the issue. In a marriage, learning to love your spouse’s quirks means long-term success; in a home, not so much.

Like any good relationship counselor, Malcarne may be able to see a new solution to your lingering house issue that will not only fix the problem, but make you fall in love with your home all over again. Over the decades, Malcarne has garnered the skills to take a comprehensive look at a building as a whole to find the root of the problem, so the homeowner can move on from said challenge. And once your house is harmonious once again, living happily ever after with your abode may not be such a fairy tale after all.