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How Can I Pay For Energy Improvements On My House

Nov 14, 2013 | Builder, Energy-Smart

Whether you’re hoping to save the planet, save on energy bills, or do both, completing energy improvements on your home can make a huge difference – especially with the expertise that Malcarne Contracting brings to the table. Still, even when it makes sense in the long run to make energy-smart changes, finding the dollars to fund them may seem like the biggest hurdle.

Thanks to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), there are some options for New Yorkers who are researching ways to pay for energy-efficient upgrades on their houses – making it possible to have that energy-smart home without depleting savings accounts.

Home Performance With ENERGY STAR 10 Percent Cash-Back Incentive

Interested in getting energy-efficient upgrades – but not in paying full price for them? NYSERDA makes it possible with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. When the work is done through the program, you could get 10 percent of the cost of the upgrades refunded – up to $3,000. Be sure to check with your contractor before you begin to confirm that your planned upgrades qualify.

Assisted Home Performance With ENERGY STAR Grants

Many families may also meet the requirements for grants to pay for energy-efficient upgrades, based on their total household income. In many counties, a family of four whose household income is around $65,000 or less can receive a grant of up to $5,000, which can go toward covering up to 50 percent of energy-efficient upgrade costs.

Low-Interest Financing: Two Loan Options

Aside from grants, there are also loan options from NYSERDA designed to help you easily pay for an energy-smart home. First, “on-bill recovery loans” make it possible for homeowners to roll their payments into their utility bill – which means the convenience of not having an extra statement to keep up with. Plus, those monthly payments won’t exceed the amount that your upgrades are expected to save you, meaning that the amount you save on energy bills will literally pay for your loan. Or, you can choose a second option, “smart energy loans,” which is more like a traditional loan, through NYSERDA. Both picks offer affordable interest rates and flexible terms.

EmPower Program: Energy Efficiency for Free

Of course, the only thing better than having a well-running, healthy, energy-efficient home is getting it upgraded for free. For those who meet the eligibility requirements, that’s not just a dream: It’s the EmPower Program. If you’re eligible for regular HEAP benefits, participate in a utility-payment assistance program, or your household income is below 60 percent of the State Median Income, free energy-efficient improvements may be available to you. You can schedule an appointment with an accredited contractor – such as the experts at Malcarne Contracting – to not only find out if you do apply, but also to gauge where your home needs an energy-efficient pick-me-up.

A well-running, energy-efficient home isn’t out of reach financially – but you do have to apply. To check your eligibility, and for more information about the programs, visit and
If you are ready to get started then go to the on-line application where you can start the process of signing up for an Energy Audit at

And, as always, the experts at Malcarne Contracting are happy to guide you through every step of the process of making your home run smarter, healthier and more energy-efficient.