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Winter Home Improvements

Dec 10, 2013 | Builder, Energy-Smart

The Christmas season is upon us, and life has once again turned into a flurry of tinsel, trees and turkeys. And while you’re probably busy tackling that holiday menu or tracking down this year’s must-have toy, don’t leave yourself off the list: Now is the perfect time to write a resolution to gear up for a winter home improvement project that will keep on giving for years to come.

With threats of snow and ice continually swirling around the northeast, most often, winter home improvement projects involve the interior of your home until mid-March. The kitchen, bathroom and basement are the most common rooms to tackle. Although the busyness of the holiday season means families aren’t likely to begin a project until the new year, December is an ideal month to plan that house upgrade you’ve been dreaming about.

In fact, cooking a big holiday meal can give you a sense of where your kitchen is flawed: Maybe you need more counter space, are ready to trade in your old electric oven for a gas model to make cookie-baking that much easier, or have tripped over those loose kitchen tiles for the last time. Perhaps the line of people winding from your upstairs bathroom down into your living room during this year’s Christmas celebration means adding a half bath would make the most sense for your family.

January and February can also be the perfect time to turn that dark dungeon of a basement into useful space. If moisture’s the issue, Malcarne Contracting can install a system to dry it out, giving you a usable storage area for that holiday décor. Or, consider upgrading to a fully functioning living space: A finished basement can provide a whole extra level of square footage to your house, while costing about half as much as an addition to the side or upper level of the home.

Of course, energy-efficient upgrades – projects such as insulation and air sealing throughout your home – may work the hardest to make your family comfortable by keeping the outside out, regardless of the season. While they may not give the initial “wow factor” of unveiling a new kitchen or bathroom, energy-efficient upgrades keep you merry all year long, helping to lower your energy bills, eliminating drafts, and keeping your heat or air conditioning where it belongs: in your living space.

So in the midst of celebrations, holiday traditions and taking time to enjoy friends and family, make the most wonderful time a little sweeter: Plan on treating your home to a present for the future.

May you feel the warmth of this season inside your heart and home. Happy Holidays!