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Malcarne Training Center’s Grand Opening: This Spring

Feb 21, 2014 | Builder


For nearly two decades, Malcarne Contracting has made a difference in the world of construction and energy efficiency based on one goal: to treat its customers like family. Now, owner Joseph Malcarne’s original objective has taken root in the new Malcarne Training Center, set to celebrate its grand opening this spring.

For Joseph, the MTC, located off Route 9 in Hyde Park, is a dream nearing a lifetime in the making. Since starting Malcarne Contracting, he’s had a desire to open a school dedicated to properly evaluating a home’s energy needs; implementing cost-effective and safe improvements; and making structures healthier and safer.

Concrete, Custom Classes

During college, Joseph, who studied mechanical engineering, noticed that the teachers he enjoyed the most were ones who had experience working in the field, combining their theoretical knowledge of chemistry, physics and thermodynamics with real-life uses. His desire was to create an atmosphere for his peers combining expertly run classes with the 18 years of practical, working knowledge Malcarne is known for – all with applications tested and tried by the company.

As with its customers, Malcarne is committed: When customers go through a renovation, retrofit or addition or remodel, they know that the company is committed to them, and the same is true for MTC students. Just like any Malcarne project, the MTC provides custom, individual attention to each person’s needs.

As an authorized training center certified by the Building Performance Institute in 2012, the MTC also offers official tests following the courses, allowing the person to be nationally certified after passing. Still, if they’re not ready for the test, students can take practice tests until they’re more comfortable. Said Joseph, “We want this to be about people learning and succeeding in what it is they want to.”

Courses to Build on

Whether you’re hoping to skim the surface of what goes on behind the walls of a home or want to fulfill your professional aims in a new field, Malcarne offers four courses to help you reach those goals.

For example, the Building Analyst course offers an introduction to all things building science, encompassing the building environment, the people who live in the buildings, the buildings themselves, and the mechanics of the building – and how all of that works together. Physics, chemistry and thermodynamics come together through discussing how they apply to buildings and homes. As a preliminary course, this can appeal to professionals from realtors who want a better understanding of what they buy and sell, to carpenters who work on buildings’ interiors – truly anyone who desires a better idea of how the whole house works as a system.

For those looking to delve deeper after completing the BA training, the Building Envelope Professional class offers an in-depth study of the exterior of a building, including air sealing and different types of insulation. For particulars on heating equipment, the Heating Professional class offers an understanding of combustion appliances: specifically natural gas and propane, and oil-fired appliances. Those students who hold an EPA refrigerant certificate can benefit from the Heat Pump and AC Professional course, which offers more knowledge on effectively measuring and installing the correct appliance.

Regardless of the class, the experience the MTC offers makes it truly unique. Not only will students learn the theory behind the knowledge, but also the practical know-how that Malcarne Contracting has successfully implemented over the decades.

Education That Continues

Whether it’s gleaning the knowledge to reduce energy consumption, garnering the expertise to reduce energy bills and save money, or keeping the environment healthy, Malcarne wants to give you the tools to succeed. Concerned about tuition? The Dutchess County Workforce Investment Bureau has grants available to help pay for the training.

Plus, while classes are between 1 and 3 weeks long, the guidance doesn’t end there: Working with Malcarne – in any capacity – means the company will be there to answer students’ questions even after the trainings end, in what Joseph calls a “lifetime membership.”

At the Malcarne Training Center, classes are committed to real-life knowledge and geared toward practical application – from instructors who know how to succeed in their business. Said Joseph, “If someone wants to learn, we’re here to guide them, especially since this is what we do every day.”