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Springtime Home Projects

Apr 16, 2014 | Uncategorized

Whether you’re from Maine or Georgia, Old Man Winter has certainly wreaked havoc up and down the East Coast this year – and probably has most of us hoping not to hear the word “Nor’easter” again for a very long time. This spring, it’s time to appreciate what’s finally just around the corner: weekends spent out-of-doors, annual vacations or reunions, and perhaps even getting to those home projects that spent the better part of four months buried under snow.

As you gear up to opening your windows, clearing out your basement, and taking on warm-weather chores, now’s also the perfect time to contact Malcarne and tackle that addition, renovation or deck you forgot about in those sub-zero temperatures. And though it’s taking a while for Mother Nature to thaw out completely, waiting until June or July to begin building projects may mean your plans can be put on hold due to winter weather – again. Remember, building permits alone take 6 to 12 weeks to gather, and workers and construction plans also can take time to book and pull together. Still, calling Malcarne now means that an expert team can expedite the process, allowing you to enjoy your home in a new way as the weather changes.

If a major project isn’t on your spring to-do list, now is the perfect opportunity to get your home ready for hot weather (if you can remember what that is). Don’t wait until the mercury reaches the 90s before checking on the state of your cooling unit: Malcarne’s experts can have you ready to enjoy summer well before barbecue season hits.  

And while you’re probably not thrilled to think about reliving those snowy nights just yet, Malcarne can ensure that next winter, you’ll be cozier than ever. Did you notice any rooms in your home that weren’t well-heated or insulated? Maybe your roof leaked after one of the ice storms. Or perhaps your heating bills were through the roof this year and you’d like to look into solar heating as an alternative. In any case, Malcarne can get your home insulated and running the best it’s ever been before warm weather makes the past few months seem like a bad dream.

Whether you’re hoping to add more space to your home or revamp the square footage you have, now is the time to tackle those spring projects, to organize and prioritize them, and to get Malcarne on the job – before it’s too late in the season to reach your goals. Especially this year, don’t wait for warmer weather to arrive before you attempt to cross things off your list. After all, Jack Frost may not be done with us yet!