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Air Conditioning

Aug 15, 2014 | Builder, Energy-Smart

After one of the longest, coldest winters the Northeast has shivered through in years, the last thing on everyone’s mind this spring was air conditioning. If you’re like most of us, after being cooped up for nearly five months under flannel blankets and long underwear, opening the windows and letting the warm May breeze run through the house was – quite literally – a breath of fresh air.

But then, as it always does, the soaring summer temperatures make us forget that the mercury sank to sub-zero levels not all that long ago – and can leave homeowners in a sweltering situation if their home is not equipped with central air.  Still, there’s no need to suffer through another dog day without a quality, energy-saving, whole-house cooling system, expertly installed by Malcarne Contracting.

Aside from transforming your house from a continually baking oven to cool and comfortable in spite of the weather, a central air system also keeps your energy bill from burning a hole in your bank account: A new central air system can use less energy than a whole-house fan or window units, for example. A constantly running house fan could not only cost more on your electric bill than an energy-efficient air conditioner – which will stop running when it gets to the goal temperature – but it also won’t do as good of a job maintaining a steady temperature.

But heat’s only half the issue: A house fan does little to help the waves of humidity that blanket the area this time of year, wreaking havoc on your body, and the house and its contents. Do your doors or windows stick, making opening them akin to an hour-long workout? Blame the humidity: Woodwork and doors can swell from the moisture difference. Air conditioning tames that moisture, making your home feel much cooler even if the thermostat’s not set at an icy temp, while protecting the house from moisture differentials – giving you a good indoor air quality and even preventing mold and mildew.

And while window units may seem like a great alternative to sweltering in the humidity, they’re not able to keep the entire house at a steady temperature, often leaving one room close to the outdoor summer temperature while another has you singing the theme song from “Frozen.” Plus, money literally flies out of your home, as a box unit means that, since your window is partially open, you’re losing precious energy in the gaps.
In the winter, it’s easy to think that the summer heat won’t be that bad, or that it’ll be easy to “make do” with a window unit in a few rooms of the house. The fact is, after having a central air system installed, Malcarne Customers most often ask, “Why did I wait so long for this?” After all, in a matter of one to three days – regardless of whether it’s January or August – your home can be equipped with a state-of-the-art, money-saving central air system from Malcarne.

So whether it’s by adding a new deck, your dream kitchen or a much-needed central air system, now is the best time to feel perfectly comfortable in your home.