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Will An Energy Audit Really Help?

Jan 6, 2015 | Energy-Smart

With its array of fiery colors, cool breezes and the promise of the holidays, fall is a season many look forward to. Still, that doesn’t mean you want it, or its frigid cousin winter, inside your home. Those falling autumn leaves are beautiful, but the icy breezes behind them can mean drafty hallways and high energy bills.

That’s where Malcarne Contracting comes in. With an energy audit – an inspection and analysis of your home geared toward making it more comfortable and energy-efficient – the winterizing wizards at Malcarne can help you keep the cold outside weather out, where it belongs.

So, why should you consider an energy audit to make your home more efficient?

It’s free.

Besides the potential to save you big bucks on your heating bill, the best thing about an energy audit may be the price: For those with a yearly household income of less than $175,000, the audit is free; if your income is more, it’s offered at a reduced cost.

It can make your home safer and healthier.

While saving you money is a top priority at Malcarne, so is the health and safety of you and those you care about. We want your home to be sound in every way, which is why our audits check for gas leaks, monitor combustion appliances such as boilers, water heaters, and gas ovens and comb through your house to be sure that, when it is sealed up and energy-efficient, any problems will be erased, not exacerbated.

It will show you exactly where your home needs help.

Whether it’s a lack of insulation, old appliances, or the need for updated light fixtures, an energy audit can pinpoint precisely where your energy losses are – which means you can correct the problem the first time. The floors, walls, ceilings, windows and doors are all evaluated and checked for gaps, cracks and holes that often let cold winter drafts in. Whether it’s your heating and cooling systems, your water heater or even your fridge, everything that uses energy will be under the microscope – concretely pinpointing where you can reduce your cost.

It helps you budget those much-needed improvements.

Even though the audit’s free, the major question may still be how to pay for the improvements it suggests. Every component from the energy audit – from health and safety issues to insulation to appliance ideas – is recorded in a detailed, organized report, giving you each suggested improvement, its cost, and how much it should save you on separate line items. Malcarne’s experts walk you through how much each job costs, and how much it will potentially save you. Whether you start with one project or tackle the entire list, you’ll save money and become more energy-efficient.

Best of all, getting on the path of keeping the outside out – where it should be – can be easier than you think: It all starts with a phone call to Malcarne. We’ll get you scheduled for an energy audit at your home, at your convenience. That one appointment delivers all the critical information about your home that can keep you safe, comfortable and saving, for years to come.