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Plan NOW for Summer Projects

Feb 18, 2015 | Uncategorized

With its single-digit temperatures, few daylight hours, and icy conditions, the best thing about February may be the fact that it’s a mere 28 days long. But if a summertime home project is what keeps you motivated through the sleet, freezing rain and snow delays, then February just may also be the most important month of the year.

During a season made for cuddling up in flannel and hibernating, the last thing on your mind is what’s outside in weather that can only be described as “frightful.” But now is the time to start gearing up for that addition, renovation, remodel or new construction that’s on your “to do” list come spring.

From the time planning begins on a project like these to the time a building permit’s in a homeowner’s hands is typically three to four months – and that’s before any work begins. You may have a vision of that new kitchen or master bedroom suite, but the reality is that there are many details – from the aesthetics of the space to its greater purpose to all the little finishings and minutiae – that need your stamp of approval before any work can go underway.

And getting a building permit may be no small task, either: Even if all the designs are complete, the building department still needs to give its stamp of approval, after reviewing it and responding with any questions.

The best part? With Malcarne Contracting handling the job, you have experts in making sure it’s all thought of during that three- to four-month planning period – which may actually be longer than the construction time itself! We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, from how we can build the structure or room to match the purpose you’ve been hoping for, to what color the walls and floor will be, to the best lighting options for your budget. We use the cold weather to our advantage, getting together as needed, planning the schedule for the job, and ironing out each detail.

Our commitment is to make sure you love your home – which means we want to have a solid, perfect plan in place before the carpenters, plumbers, roofers or anyone else set foot in your house. From our experience, it’s always better to spend more time planning – and find out what you really want from your space – than to have to change plans mid-project. And from the builder’s perspective, getting the job done right the first time in as little time as possible is the goal – as is most homeowners’ as well. Acting now and giving yourself that essential time to edit your plans as needed is crucial, especially for those bigger jobs.

Of course, Malcarne’s many talents extend to keeping your home warm with weatherizing – the house-equivalent of those long johns, scarves, hats and parkas that have become winter must-haves by this point of the year. If you’re noticing drafts by your doors or windows, appliances or heating units eating up energy, or other winter-weather worries, don’t wait until the weather finally turns warm to get those energy-efficient upgrades that save you money and comfort.

But when you are ready to tackle that larger job – a new bathroom, sunroom or even a brand-new home – the time of the year you’re least likely to be outside is the best time to begin planning. And from the foundation to the finished project, Malcarne can keep you on track – even if you’d rather be hibernating.