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Roofing: Right, the First Time

May 14, 2015 | Uncategorized

Chances are, there are many portions of your home you simply never think about – that is, until something goes wrong. Your roof? It’s that kind of area: It’s going to keep the elements out and expensive heat in, and if it needs fixing, it just needs a few new shingles thrown on it – right? Not necessarily.

At Malcarne Contracting, we understand the importance of fixing and installing roofs right – the first time – so your roof can continue to be that unnoticed, albeit important, piece of your home.

We’ve finally said farewell to winter, with its snow, ice and freezing rain. But don’t forget about those elements quite yet: If you’ve noticed any leaks thanks to feet of slowly melting snow, now is the time to call Malcarne to fix those problems before another spring rain.

Perhaps you detected those deceptively pretty icicles around your roof over the winter: They may look serene, but they’re a sign that storms are brewing in your home. Ice damming is the process when heat escapes from your home, warming your attic space and the roof above it. Snow then meets the roof; the water runs down to the eaves, or edge, of the roof, where it’s still cold because it’s not directly over the warmed attic; and the water freezes, since the temperature of the eaves is lower. The cycle starts again with each new snow, continuing to build up a wall of ice and producing a recurrent puddle of water. That melted water can back up under your roof’s shingles – which are made only to shed water – and make its way inside your house.

And as roofing experts in Rhinebeck NY, no job is too small – or too big – for Malcarne. Our know-how extends to complete roof replacement as well. You may not notice any of the typical winter-to-spring issues yet, but if the time is right to replace your home’s roof, we know there’s a right way to get the job done, and keep you from any future damage.

Looking for some energy-saving spots in your home? One of the best places to make those energy-smart changes is in your roof, too. The main cause of ice damming, for example, is heat leaving the house – and that’s simply dollars flying out the door. A well-insulated roof and attic kills both birds with one stone: You keep in more of the heat you’re paying for, and you’re no longer at risk for water from those icicles.

Not thinking twice about whether your roof is up to snuff? That’s the peace of mind you can count on with Malcarne.