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Air Conditioning: Keeping your cool this summer

Jun 8, 2015 | Uncategorized

Sure, it’s a relief that snow squalls and frost warnings are currently nothing but a far-off dream. Still, the summer-like weather may have you opening the freezer simply to feel a fresh blast of arctic air, if only for a moment. (Side note: That’s not the most energy-efficient way to cool your home.)

If air conditioning is top on your to-do list this year – whether it’s a new system or an upgrade to what you’ve had for the past scorching seasons – the experts at Malcarne Contracting can save you both sweat and cents. Just imagine: In less time than it takes to install those bulky box units yet again, your home can go from sweltering to sublime with an energy-efficient, whole-house central air conditioning system.

If those gigantic window box units send a shudder down your spine every time you walk past them, chances are, it’s not because of the cold air. Not only are window unit installations a huge hassle, but they’re energy-eaters as well: You’re also paying for the cold air escaping through the gaps, cracks and holes in the window left by the unit (and welcoming critters in through those unsealed spaces). And, how many units does it take to evenly cool down an average-sized home, without having to wear a tank top in one room and a parka in another?

Still, the biggest reason to avoid them is simple: They lower the value of a home right off the bat. Homes with window units are actually worth less than those with a centralized cooling and heating system.

Consider the alternatives: It takes Malcarne Contracting a mere one to three days to install an energy-efficient, money-saving, comfortable system that adds equity to your abode. A whole-house central air system, for example, is a common option that keeps your home’s temperature stable all year long. Cool air flows from a unit outside your home through ducts and out of registers in your floors, ceilings and/or walls. When the air gets warm, it flows back out to the unit to start the cycle again.

While central air systems rely on ducts throughout the home, another option for cooling, which may not be as familiar, is on the rise, thanks to its efficiency in cooling off those summertime blues. A “ductless” central air conditioning system has two components: an outdoor compressor, usually positioned on the ground, and an indoor unit, mounted on the wall. The two are linked by a conduit, which houses tubing and power units. There’s also the option to have more than one indoor unit in your house, each with its own thermostat – which means you can cool different rooms to your specific needs.

The best part? Even cooling throughout the home, plus the ability to melt down that cooling budget: No ducts means an energy savings of about 30 percent over ducted options, according to

Curious about other ways to save on your energy bill? We are too – and we have the know-how to help you save some green throughout your home, from attic to basement. As the area’s leader in energy-smart building, that’s what we do for our customers every day.

Let’s face it: The temperature is not likely to drop any time soon. Why not choose a cooling option that adds equity, keeps your home comfortable, and is cool to your budget’s bottom line?