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Living Al Fresco: Decks & Railing Systems

Jul 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

For many, summer’s the perfect season to finally plan that dream getaway. And whether your soft spot is for sun and sand, you crave camping, or you simply long to lounge with a good read, travel reservations may not be necessary. Just imagine that favorite dream vacation – but picture it located in your own backyard.

The key to this staycation nirvana? It just may be a well-designed deck and railing system, courtesy of Malcarne Contracting. Not only are decks functional – giving you a place to grill, plant a container garden, or give your pet some fresh air – but they are the perfect opportunity to extend your living space, adding more area in which to enjoy your property.

Let’s face it: There’s no faster way to kill a cookout, outdoor playdate or family get-together than someone getting an inch-long splinter under his or her skin, thanks to an old deck. As the wood ages, running around barefoot or even using a handrail may no longer be a safe option.

Or, maybe you’ve noticed some wobbly, loose or creaky deck boards that make traveling to the other side of the railing a crazy game of hopscotch. Instead of enjoying some summer downtime in the sun, an old deck may mean relegating yourself to four indoor walls for safety’s sake – something no one wants after winter has finally lost its grip on the area.

Thankfully, there are so many options for replacing old wooden decks with other materials that won’t chip, crack or cause those pesky splinters. Composite decking materials – a budget-friendly step up from typical not-so-resilient wood – are durable and built to last. Best of all? Bare feet won’t suffer from splinters as the years go by.

If real wood is on your must-have list, Malcarne has options that add functionality and a sophisticated edge. Ipe, for example, an exotic Brazilian variety, has the look and feel of other woods, but with a bonus: Because it’s so tightly woven, it’s extra hard, making it durable for nearly a lifetime.

To complete your deck, railing systems add safety and style. Consider a more traditional wood railing, or go modern with cable railings or glass panels. In fact, you even can create your own outdoor oasis beyond the deck: Whether it’s landscaping, patios, lighting, or even an outdoor kitchen, Malcarne’s got the professionals to tackle your home’s specific al fresco area.

No deck at all? No problem. From design to dream-come-true, Malcarne Contracting can build the perfect deck for your needs, adding both value and function to your home.

This summer, it’s time to stop hanging out indoors, hopping over loose floorboards, or keeping kids in gloves and boots to avoid splinters. Instead, enjoy your very own great outdoors with a deck that will keep on giving all year long – no reservations required.