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Siding: What’s outside does count!

Aug 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

By this point in the summer, most of us have logged a load of hours outside, planting in gardens, playing soccer in the back yard with the kids – and wondering how we missed how bad our house’s faded, dated, warped, or worn-out siding really got this year.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” may be a great mantra when meeting someone new or trying a bucket-list activity, but when it comes to homes, sometimes what’s outside really does count. To kick up your home’s curb appeal – especially if it’s creeping up in years – call Malcarne Contracting. Our experts know that changing the siding not only rewinds the years with style and beauty, but it also adds value, both inside and out.

So, what are the options?

Take a look around your neighborhood and it’s likely that vinyl siding is the most common choice for many homes. But while its biggest draw is the lower cost, and does not need painting, it’s not completely “water-tight”, isn’t as durable as most siding products and it doesn’t have a timeless aesthetic.

If you’re looking to transform your home’s look, brick or stone is a step up with a charm like no other material. These options stand the test of time and need little upkeep. These choices, along with Hardie siding, which is primarily made of cement, keep moisture and termites away naturally, thanks to their composition.

Want a more rustic look? Wood siding, along with cedar siding or shingles, can be combined to create a unique love that sets your home apart from others and prevents the cookie-cutter-condo look. And, with proper upkeep, homes with these types of siding can last a lifetime!

But it’s more than just a pretty façade.

Depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve, Malcarne can use one of these – or all of the above – making it a home custom-made to your personal taste. Is color key to your design? All of the products can be painted to match your vision.

And while changing your home’s siding certainly adds to its aesthetic value, its beauty isn’t simply skin-deep. Aside from being superior, longer-lasting products to vinyl, options such as brick, stone and wood also provide a functional avenue to add insulation to the exterior of your home before the new siding is replaced saving 30% or more on your energy bills – and it will eliminate those chilly fall breezes that are creeping up right around the corner.

Ready to truly refresh the look of your home? Nothing adds style, takes off the years, plus can add energy-efficiency like upgrading your siding. Call Malcarne today: We’re experts at thinking outside the box.