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Have a holiday home emergency? Call in the experts.

Dec 16, 2015 | Uncategorized

In the early summer, when the kids close out another school year, before vacations begin, when daylight seems to stretch on forever, it’s easy to be productive. You find sudden bursts of energy to clean out the garage, work on your favorite hobby – or to tackle that home project, whether it’s the addition you’ve always wanted or the roof that’s due for replacing.

This time of year? Not so much.

In December, it’s more about surviving until January 1 than accomplishing any of those long-term goals. When you combine family get-togethers, Christmas shopping and weather that feels more appropriate in the North Pole, most people are lucky just to make it through each day. Gearing up for a project on your house? That idea’s as far away as that week on the beach.

Still, while the routine of daily life – whether you like it or not – takes a back seat to parties, presents and other holiday commotion, your house doesn’t necessarily do so. That leaky roof doesn’t care that December 25th’s right around the corner, and just because you have a house full of company doesn’t ensure that your boiler won’t conk out during dinner.

But don’t let that bring out the Scrooge in you: Malcarne Contracting is ready and able to tackle any of your home’s emergency needs – from a broken heating system to a leak in the basement – even during the busiest season of the year.

While January’s a great time of year to start planning that next big home project – that extra bathroom, kitchen remodel or the deck of your dreams – if a problem in your house does crop up, you don’t have to be forced to wait until 2016 to fix it. Malcarne makes home repairs quick, painless and stress-free, with the best price the first time, so it won’t take away from the most wonderful time of the year.

If looking through the Yellow Pages or scads of online handyman reviews sounds worse than hunting for that perfect gift for your eccentric coworker, we can make it easy: Malcarne tackles any home project, from the attic to the basement, meaning one-stop shopping – at a time when you need it most.

And while you may be continually running from family gatherings to last-minute gift runs all month long, December is also one of the best times to take note of what’s not working in your home, from the drafty bedroom windows to those sky-high heating bills. Malcarne can use that information to evaluate your house’s needs and even do a full energy audit, beginning the process to making it more energy efficient and, best of all, comfortable throughout each square foot.

Sure, the last thing you need during the crazy holiday season is for a home emergency to happen. But if it does, having someone you trust to call right away can make you feel, well, like a kid on Christmas morning.