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Plan for home projects and renovations – and for spring – now!

Mar 9, 2016 | Builder

For once, that silly groundhog was right.

When good old Punxsutawney Phil made his appearance back at the beginning of February, the majority of his followers likely laughed at the prospect of an early spring. But here we are in March, with Easter, gardening and vacations right around the corner, and Old Man Winter really didn’t put up much of a fuss this year.

And now that his reign is just weeks away from officially ending, it’s the perfect time to plan for those big home projects – maybe an addition, a deck perfect for outdoor entertaining, a kitchen renovation, or other major remodeling – that require a length of snow-free weather to complete.

 Also, spring’s a great time to take a home inventory: Maybe you noticed the drafts leaking in through your basement or windows. Or, you’ve decided to make those eco-friendly, energy-smart upgrades to your home, such as solar heating, after your utility bills were through the roof, even during a mild season.

If you’re considering a revamp such as these, planning time is crucial: It takes up to two to three months to meet with the experts at Malcarne, to get a game plan in place, and to put your ideas and home needs on paper. In addition, there’s often building permits to consider, which also can take time to obtain – and all of this is before the project even starts in your house.

If you’re hoping for that ensuite bathroom so you don’t have to share with the in-laws during their annual fall visit, or want to cook out on a new deck this Fourth of July, don’t let another lukewarm winter day pass by: Now’s the time to get that project in the works. Getting the ball in motion now means your house can blossom into your dream home this year, instead of waiting until spring rolls around yet again.

Sure, the winter of 2015-2016 didn’t leave the Hudson Valley rattled with Nor’easters this time – but don’t expect that to be the rule: Next year isn’t likely to do us the same favor. So rather than ignore these mild, well-above-freezing days, maybe they’re just the perfect reminder to focus on that season that inspires us to clean, turn over a new leaf, and to plan those home projects that have been wishful thinking for so long – just like a favorable prediction from fluffy old Phil.