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Keeping Comfy This Summer – And All Year Long

Apr 20, 2016 | Blog, Energy-Smart

We’ve hit that sweet spot in the year: Mornings and evenings are refreshingly crisp and cool, days are longer and mild, and heavy winter coats get a final wash before they’re bid adieu, traded out for a light jacket or sweater.

While we may savor these in-between seasons – the ones that convince us that we could never live in those one-temperature-all-year-long states – don’t get too comfortable. In just a few short weeks, our sweet spring breezes transform into humidity-heavy heat, which means that now’s a great time to make sure your home is set for the season – both inside and out.

Roofing and siding

Nothing ruins a home’s curb appeal more than a faded, warped or falling-apart façade, especially with barbecues and block parties right around the corner. But pretty exteriors aside, properly installed roofing and siding can make a huge difference in your home’s energy bills this summer.

While vinyl siding is the most cost-effective option, brick, stone, and Hardie siding need little upkeep and stand the test of time, repelling moisture and termites and providing an opportunity to add insulation to your home during installation. More insulation means more temperature-control and comfort inside – and fewer of your dollars escaping outside, along with your air conditioning.

And don’t just think of your four walls: If past winters have you noticing that your home is prone to icicles on your gutters, it likely means you have ice damming issues: when heat escapes through the roof, melting the snow. When that snow refreezes, it means icicles – and melting and refreezing water that can seep into your home as it backs up under the shingles.

Just because the snow has retreated for the season doesn’t mean the problem’s solved: Your cool air can escape through the same gaps, cracks and holes as your heat. Curious about one of the best ways to save energy in your home? It’s through the roof!

Air conditioning

It’s been a mild winter, which means summer could also break some records this year. But with the proper air conditioning system installed in your home, all you need to keep comfortable during the sweltering season is literally right at your fingertips.

Sure, it’s fun to stock up on sunscreen and to haul out your flip-flops, but nothing ruins that first 80-degree day faster than your A/C unit going kaput. If you haven’t had your air conditioner serviced in a while, or need a new one installed, now’s a great time to beat the heat and call Malcarne to get your home set for summer.

The best thing about a whole-house system installed by Malcarne isn’t just the comfort you’ll enjoy all scorching season: It’s the fact that new units are super-high efficiency, meaning you and your wallet can take a vacation this summer.

Whether you have a system installed already or have muddled through with fans and box units, energy-saving options and upgrades abound. More traditional ducted systems – always a better option than a window unit – rely on channels that carry cool air inside from a unit outside the house. Newer ductless systems take up less space, are quieter than many other units, and are even more energy-efficient – to the tune of 30 percent. And less energy used always means less money spent.

Now’s the time!

For those who are inspired by spring weather to pare down, clean up or turn over the proverbial leaf, now’s the best time to help your home also put its best foot forward.

If you’re considering a renovation or remodel, whether it’s outside, inside, or adding a brand-new addition to your house, you may end up getting more than you bargain for. When completing a project that adds more space, for example – maybe that first-floor master suite or extra kitchen space – Malcarne also does an energy retrofit, finding ways to save energy throughout the whole house. What does this mean for you, the homeowner? Even when your home’s square footage goes up, your utility bills go down – a win-win in any situation.

Looking for a more comfortable, more efficient home with even less turn-around time? Don’t wait until summer’s officially settled in. Keeping those elements out and your bought air in is crucial, and the experts at Malcarne can revamp your roof, siding and air conditioning systems to make this summer your most comfortable and economical.

After all, it won’t be “jacket season” for long.