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A new addition to the Malcarne Contracting family

Jul 20, 2016 | Uncategorized

This summer’s a great time to kick back, relax, and even to soak in the glory of past and present athletes as the latest summer Olympics gets underway in just a few weeks. But, like those world-class Olympians, Malcarne Contracting’s not one to rest on our laurels.

At Malcarne, our goal is simple: increase our prowess, so we can continue to serve you better. This month, we’re proud to announce our recent partnership with Comfort Tech Heating and Cooling – another leader in the home-care community.

For nearly 10 years, Comfort Tech’s repertoire has included providing Greene, Ulster and Dutchess Counties with heating and cooling services, in both the commercial and residential realms. With its expertise – the company services all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment – the business is a natural fit to join forces with Malcarne’s team of specialists.

As you’re watching the athletes in Brazil sweating it out this summer, it’s also the perfect opportunity to update your home’s cooling system – now backed by the knowledge and experience of both Malcarne Contracting and Comfort Tech. If you’ve been suffering through warm seasons with the uneven cooling and noise of window air-conditioning units – or your electric bill makes turning on your current A/C system worse than overheating when indoors – it’s easy to upgrade to a system that will keep your family and your wallet cool.

In fact, one of Comfort Tech’s specialties includes ductless air conditioning, a quiet, energy-efficient system that, as its name suggests, doesn’t require ductwork to keep a home cool and cozy. Instead, small, permanent wall fixtures (Say goodbye to lugging window units into or out of the house each season!) can make a whole house comfortable. Plus, they save energy, keeping your most-used rooms comfortable. Need more proof that ductless gets the gold? This easy-to-install system provides heat, too, in the winter months!

Like your current air conditioning system? We can help you love it, for the long-term. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep it – and your budget – happy. Similar to other appliances in your home, if your air conditioning system and furnace aren’t properly cared for, you run the risk of them not working properly, or giving up before the season’s out.

At Malcarne, our goal is to go for the gold, every time, with every home and customer. Lucky for us, we’re part of a team that now includes Comfort Tech, too. And that means, whether it’s a new roof, an addition, energy-smart improvements, or a much-needed heating and cooling system upgrade, your home gets the win, every time.