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Malcarne Solar: Our new branch buds this month!

Apr 5, 2017 | Blog, Energy-Smart

March came in like a lion, but this month is often a highlight for those of us looking forward to saying goodbye to winter in the northeast. It’s a time to welcome the much-anticipated spring, its milder temperatures, and the new life, change and growth it ushers in. Soon, we’ll see blossoms poking through the long-frozen ground, birds returning to the state, and the new branch of Malcarne Contracting – Malcarne Solar – taking off in the Hudson Valley.

As a company, Malcarne Contracting has been a leader in construction, renovation and maintenance for more than 20 years, but our expertise in energy-efficient renovations has also made major strides. With certifications in thermography, solar electric, geothermal, insulation, and Energy Star labeled homes – and that’s just the beginning of the list – we’ve got the training and experience to take your home from dollar-draining to money-saving.

How? Our tried-and-true system of lowering energy usage before adding the solar elements to your home or business means making smart changes based on your specific structure – and that’s what truly makes it cost-effective, every step of the way.

Our dedicated crew at Malcarne Solar follows the mantra, “First, energy reduction; then, solar production.” For homeowners, that means switching out appliances for ones that eat up less energy, insulating all the gaps, cracks and holes in the house, and considering an HVAC upgrade, for example. Businesses will automatically see a decrease in energy bills by upgrading lighting and HVAC monitoring and control systems as well.

After you’ve reduced your energy usage, it’s time to let the solar transformation grow – and you’ll likely need less of an overhaul because of the smart changes you’ve already planted. If your green thumb doesn’t extend to energy efficiency, worry not: You’re never on your own with Malcarne. Our crew plans and walks with you through each step in the process, not only calculating the cost of the changes, but how much you’re likely to save based on the reduced footprint.

And at Malcarne Solar, saving you money via energy reduction is all we do: As a separate sector of the Malcarne family, Malcarne Solar’s sole focus is to reduce your electric use, then use solar to erase the rest of your energy bills – and to get you the best deal in the process.

Malcarne’s been rooted since 1996, and been growing in our experience with solar energy for the past 10 years. Unlike the up-and-down weather of the month of March, you can depend on Malcarne Solar’s know-how to be the best value and savings for the least investment from you, the property owner.

When it comes to choosing solar energy, we don’t want to simply lower your heating and cooling bill a few notches: We want to transform your home or business into the best-running, most energy-efficient version that it could be.

Want to know more about how you can save the most with Malcarne Solar? Check out our brand-new website: