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This summer, think solar – in 3 easy steps

Jun 21, 2017 | Blog, Energy-Smart

The season of sun and relaxation is finally upon us: Happy children will scamper off for a much-needed hiatus, vacations are right around the corner, and even the weather reminds us to slow down, take a sip of lemonade, and wait for the fireflies.

Summer’s also the perfect time to catch up on projects you keep saying you need to tackle – especially those around the house. And if you’re thinking solar may be a viable option for reducing those nasty energy bills that kept climbing this winter, we’ve boiled the process down to three simple steps.

After you’re in the hands of the solar experts at Malcarne – find more information at our new website, – all there’s left to do this summer is sit back and enjoy the long-awaited warmth; warmth that’s actually adding to your bank account this season.

Step One: Reduce your energy consumption first.

Solar energy is great, but why would you pay extra cash before first making your home as energy-efficient as possible? At Malcarne, we can help you “reduce before your produce” – to the tune of kicking up to 50 percent of your energy bill to the curb before solar energy even enters the picture.

Our certified professionals can show you at least a dozen ways to change your home and reduce your energy usage – before that first panel is even installed. As our fearless leader, Joseph Malcarne, puts it, if you’ve got a boat that’s taking on water, do you get a bigger bucket, or do you patch up the holes? Knowing where to “patch up” your home through our energy-reduction recommendations means spending less on solar installations – and it starts saving you money before the job even begins.

Step Two: Research your home’s solar accessibility.

At Malcarne, we take the time to get to know you and your home – not only how you use it, but also how it can work for you. The next step in the journey to solar is seeing if and how it can fit in as an option on your property. We can help you ask all the right questions: Do you have enough sun access for solar panels to be installed on your roof? Is there space on the ground that would make more sense? Does your home have solar access at all?

We know what you’re thinking: “They may say I can’t do solar at all?! Why bother with energy reduction?” Don’t be fooled: Reducing energy consumption is always the best first step and will radically reduce your bills – with or without solar. If you’re able to take the next step toward solar, making your home the most energy-efficient it can be will guarantee that you’re not installing more of a system than you need – again saving you time and money.

Step Three: Receive the right system for your home.

We’re used to options – dozens of ice cream flavors, paint colors, car selections – but how do you narrow down those choices? Choosing chocolate over vanilla is one thing, but what do you do when face with the many good, viable options for solar panels now available to the public? Do the panels go on your roof, your yard, the shed or the ground? Where do you even start?

You may be tempted to react like the overwhelmed kid in a candy store, reduced to tears by the looming decision. Or, you can call the premier experts in the field who know the ins and outs of each option. This step poses the most questions, and can mean the difference between saving a bit more after step one’s revamps or taking your house to a net-zero energy home – with no energy bills at all. We know solar and we’re here to guide you – and, best of all, we’re local, living and working right here in the Hudson Valley, just like you.

In summertime, there are a few guarantees we love to count on: Barbecuing will be delicious, even in the rain; hanging out on the porch watching the sun set beats watching a TV set any day; and calling Malcarne Contracting to tackle your dreams for reducing your energy bills is a sure way to make your home a better, more comfortable place, all year long. From energy reduction to solar installation, saving money with Malcarne is as sweet as any summer day.