Energy & Solar Services

We get excited around words like solar module efficiency, operating temperature and voltage drop, and to us the merits of solar electric are self-evident. However, we had to step out of ourselves and ask “why should I (home or business owner) go solar?” At Malcarne, we’re not like most solar companies. Our philosophy is ‘energy reduction before production.’ That’s because we first look for ways to reduce your energy needs before deciding on your solar needs. Most solar companies simply review your current energy bills and suggest a system that can handle those needs. We take a completely different approach. We’re certified Energy Managers. Our audit goes well beyond simply reviewing energy bills.


With the electricity savings to tax incentives to economy of scale, commercial solar is an excellent investment for business owners. Malcarne Solar can bring even more value to your investment by implementing:

  • Lighting Retrofits (comes with Utility rebates!)
  • HVAC Upgrades
  • HVAC Controls and Monitoring
  • Energy Efficient Motor Upgrades
  • Motor Controls
  • Appliance Upgrades
  • Air Sealing/Insulation (for electric heating and cooling)

With solar and energy reduction projects at housing authorities, hospitals, senior care centers, gyms and more, Malcarne Solar has the experience, certifications, and values to make your project a win for your company’s bottom line.


Save on electricity. Save on taxes. Build equity in your home. Increase your property value without an increase in taxes. Stop renting electricity and start owning it! Solar for the home is a winning investment for homeowners. Don’t stop there though- with Malcarne Solar you can also get:

  • New Appliances
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Water Pump Replacements
  • New Bath and Shower Fixtures
  • HVAC Upgrades
  • Air Sealing/Insulation (for electric heating and cooling)

All for a smaller investment than just going solar. Maximize your investment in your home with Malcarne Solar.

Energy Monitoring

Included with every solar installation is solar production monitoring software. From anywhere in the world (where there is internet) you will be able to see what each individual solar panel is producing and what each panel has produced in the past. Not only will you have a bird’s eye and detailed view of your solar array production, your energy monitoring software will alert Malcarne Solar if there is ever an issue. Malcarne Solar can also install consumption monitoring. This will allow you to see in almost real time what your house is currently using side by side with your production. Consumption monitoring will give you assurance and more control of your energy usage. Some of our homeowners have taken this to the next level. We installed home automation, so they can see what they are producing, consuming and be able to turn on and offloads remotely, for full control of their energy. Ask your auditor for all your options and determine what level suits your needs.

Electric/Solar Survey

Free of Charge!/Solar Survey

Assessing the electricity use of a building is the cornerstone of Malcarne Solar. Our certified auditors will ask you a few simple questions about your energy use habits and then survey all the electric loads in the house. Then they will perform a solar site survey to determine the amount of available sunlight on your roof or property. With your electric usage history and this site survey, we can reduce your electric usage by swapping appliances, upgrading lighting and shower fixtures, setting timers, replacing water pumps, HVAC upgrades and/or HVAC controls, and insulation/air sealing for buildings with electric heat. We only suggest the most cost-effective options, as solar, along with its rebates and tax incentives, will cover the rest of your electricity needs. The electric/solar site survey is completely free of charge; contact us to schedule one today!

Full Energy Assessment

For building owners who want an audit for all energy use (electric, gas, oil, etc..), we suggest a full energy audit. Our certified auditors will not only perform the electric/solar survey but also run pressure diagnostics (to determine how well your building retains heating/cooling) as well as test and diagnose your HVAC system’s performance. With our findings in hand we will create a full model of your building and determine a wide range of energy efficiency measures that make sense for your building. By filling out an application, New York State will cover half to all of the survey cost (depending on income level). For the business or homeowner that wants the full picture of their energy usage, contact us to schedule the full energy audit.