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Do you heat with oil? Propane? Natural gas? Do you have radiators or ductwork? Do you have a furnace? Or a boiler? Not sure? Air conditioning keeps the air we live in cool and comfortable. And Comfort Tech ensures you have quality products coupled with our reliable service for maximum comfort. We offer a broad line of efficient air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial environments.

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Hot Water Heaters

Ever taken a cold shower? Do you want to lower your utility bills? Now you can with the Quietside Tankless Water Heater. Quietside Tankless Water Heaters are Energy-Star approved and one of the leaders in condensing tankless water heaters sold in North America. And, it only heats when you turn the faucet on – no more heating and reheating water in a tank.


Choose your next hot water heater and let Comfort Tech help with the install! We turn a headache into a breeze.


Keep your old unit in top working condition. Let us diagnose any issues and perform/suggest the best route of repair.

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