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Marketing & Design Specialist

We’re seeking a bilingual Marketing & Design Specialist that can manage and lead the marketing for Malcarne Contracting from conceptual design, creating the artwork, pricing out all relevant advertising sources, complying with all COOP advertising requirements to processing paperwork for COOP advertising incentives.

Collaborating and communicating with all branches of the company and branch managers is an essential part of this to ensure the advertising and offers are in line with what we are selling. The Marketing & Design Specialist will also create a marketing budget and be able to manage and approve marketing expenditures. All creatives will need to be in English and Spanish.

Key Qualifications

• Understanding the diversity of the company’s business, aligning business needs and creating, sustaining the corporate identity, feel and look, in all its online and offline platforms, digital, print, communication material, corporate gifts, trade show participation, stores, show rooms.

• Experience in interior design, showcases, display windows.

• Ability to handle specialized platforms in construction.

• Experience in the management of interdisciplinary teams in the different positions of the company as well as in the management of suppliers and partners.

• Responsible for the design and artwork of digital, print, construction work, and be proactive and flexible in delivery times.

• Manage communication design, timing of publication, follow-up of adjustments, approvals.

• Creation and execution of go-to-market strategies.

• Ability to work collaboratively under pressure, with proven experience working on complex, international, large-scale, time-critical projects.

• Outcome oriented, problem biased, and focused with a strong desire to learn and grow.

• Be able to make decisions independently.

• Have excellent attention to detail and still be able to see the big picture.

• Extraordinary relationship skills collaborating and influencing across teams.

• Consumer Product and Creative/Design Agency background

• We are looking for someone with advanced knowledge in the following areas:

Creative services

Global Artwork

Project Management

Process Design

7+ years of relevant experience in process design by leading with the clarification and design of business needs first, remaining agnostic about technology solutions when appropriate until the business needs are adequately understood.


Lead and drive the strategic development and execution, and provide leadership for all deliverables for product communications.

The bilingual Marketing & Design Specialist will be responsible for the day-to-day management of Marketing materials.

Work closely with a team and work across the Services group including Advertising, Print, Retail.

Skilled person in the execution of work in different areas of the company, marketing, filling out government forms, documenting, information collecting in project areas, availability to travel with flexible schedules, creating presentations of construction projects, opening markets and others.

Utilize experience and knowledge of design and fabrication for Confirming intended usage and release timing for all artwork assets, tracking of all incoming source artwork assets, ordering.

Education & Experience

• Speak fluent Spanish.

• Experience of business rounds, networks, in other countries.

• Experience working with organizations worldwide.

• Experience in product design and innovation

• College education preferred, and 10+ years of experience in design and innovation, project management and Marketing Operations.

• Experience in commercial management

Work With Us

Marketing & Design Specialist

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