Client Testimonials

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Joshua D. Kogan

The best contractor we’ve ever worked with. Period.

My wife and I recently purchased a mid-1940s colonial home in Beacon. It is our first home, so we learned a lot about heating deficiencies the first winter. The home was running on oil, with a boiler greater than 40 years old, powering a one-way steam system — without wall or attic insulation, and with many gaps/drafts. All of this combined was costing a small fortune to operate!

We started calling contractors immediately, from all over the Hudson Valley; each one with a different solution, cost and ability to do the job. Each one of those contractors was ruled out, as my wife and I asked tougher questions about their proposals. Additionally, I’m an environmental engineer, and wished to move from oil to centralized electricity, so I can purchase renewable energy. Essentially, my wife and I wanted a heat pump system.

Whole (drafty) home heat pump designs are difficult, and that’s where Malcarne comes in. Up front, they (including Joseph and John) spent 5 hours over two days with us at our home, discussing the possibilities and the heat transfer weaknesses of our home. From there, they modeled our home with a heat pump system. We were told what to do in the attic, basement, and around the home in order to reduce heat stack effect — all required before they were comfortable with a heat pump solution. We did exactly what they said, and after they modeled our home the second time, they were comfortable proceeding with our project.

Now, if you’re like us, you might not have the funding for a heat system overhaul on-hand. Well, Malcarne is an approved contractor in NYSERDA’s loan programs, so we were able to fund the project with a long-term low interest loan!

During the work, the entire crew (Fernando, Sean, and John) took their time. Every move cleaned-up. They literally leave no trace in your home. They’re also a really great group of people, and we enjoyed their company. After the work was complete, they wanted to ensure our comfort, and came back several times to tweak programming in the system — to optimize both comfort and efficiency. We also keep an open line of communication to discuss system performance on especially cold nights/days (Polar Vortex).

The system is running AWESOME! It’s quiet, and keeps a wonderful even heat across the entire home. And the best part: we’re saving a considerable amount of money, compared to our old system — more than the NYSERDA loan payment! Plus, we’ll have central air conditioning this coming summer.

So yes, again, the best contractor we’ve ever worked with. Period.