Training Center

For nearly two decades, Malcarne Contracting has made a difference in the world of construction and energy efficiency based on one goal: Treating our customers like family. Now, owner Joseph Malcarne’s original objective has taken root in the new Malcarne Training Center, set to celebrate its grand opening on March 28th, 2014. For Joseph, the Malcarne Training Center, also known as the MTC, located off Route 9 in Hyde Park, is a dream a long time in the making. Since starting Malcarne Contracting, he had a desire to open a school dedicated to effectively train individuals about energy-efficient construction and properly implementing safe and cost-effective improvements.

Custom Classes

Joseph has created an atmosphere of learning for his trainees combining well-run classes and 20-plus years of practical working knowledge Malcarne is known for all with applications tested and tried by the company. The MTC provides customized, individual attention to each person’s needs.

Joseph’s philosophy about the MTC’s training is: “I want people to be successful. At the MTC we train individuals about building science principles, but more important than the course curriculum are the students. Being aware of each student’s needs is paramount and we continually customize the training to provide an environment that will best help them to succeed.”

Courses To Build On

Malcarne offers four courses to help Trainees reach their goals:

  1. The Building Analyst course: offers an introduction to all aspects of building science.
  2. The Building Envelope Professional course: offers an in-depth study of the exterior of a building that includes air sealing and various types of insulation.
  3. The Heating Professional course: offers an understanding of combustion appliances: specifically natural gas, propane, oil-fired appliances, and the particulars of heating equipment.
  4. The Heat Pump and AC Professional course: offers more training on effectively measuring and installing the correct appliance.

As a BPI (Building Performance Institute) authorized testing center, the MTC also offers official testing following the courses. This allows the Trainees to become nationally certified upon passing the required written and practical tests. Still, if they are not ready for the test, Trainees can take practice tests until they become more comfortable and are ready for the official BPI exam. Grants and Scholarships are available to qualified individuals to pay for tuition and course fees.